Mah Birfday


It’s my birthday! Of course I woke up to wind and pouring rain. I had to amend my entire day’s plans accordingly. Geraldine was so sweet as to leave me a box of cat chocolates for my birthday. I ate 5 of them. I braved the rain and blustery cold wind to meet Aly at the Künsthistoriches. I finally finished walking around the 2nd half of the painting gallery. I love that museum a lot and it has been a place of refuge the past few months. I finally bought Dad and Carson their t-shirts, found out I received an A in Dr. O’s class, and finally went to Demmers Teehaus (the most famous Viennese teahouse) and bought myself a teapot, cup, and saucer for my birthday present to myself. And 3 different kinds of tea. Hooray! Originally, we were supposed to go to Schönbrunn for a picnic but because of the rain, we decided to eat at the Outreach Center instead. Except when we arrived it wasn’t open yet. To Aly’s house we went! We gorged ourselves on salami/ham/gouda sandwiches, sour cream and onion Pringles, BBQ chips, grapes, raspberries, tomatoes, chocolate chip cookies, cherry lemonade, Marillenkrapfen, and to top it all off, cake from Aida. I then headed over to Oliver’s. I missed him! We just chatted and caught up. He gave me Mozart chocolates. Finally, I went over to Kristin’s with Jeanny and we watched Tangled. It didn’t really feel like my birthday, but it was still a good day.


-woke up at 6 to do laundry and work out
-three bowls of frosted flakes for breakfast
-whipped out the Schade paper in 45 minutes
-roses surprise
-dinner at Spaghettim in WestJ with Lindsey, Kirstin, Tyler, Jane, and Meg
-called Mom and Dad (who forgot it was my birthday!)
-watched Tangled
-maybe I’m not interested in Tyler but mostly I feel like we should keep plodding along and just become better and better friends
-talked with roomies and now I’m going to sleep


I’m feeling 22!!! Haha. I started the day at Waffle Love with Elizabeth, Abby, Madalyn, and Elise. Then Abby, Aly, Jordan, Brad, and I went to see the new Captain America movie which was AWESOME. Then I came home, ate a ton of Kit-Kats, read Words of Radiance, and took a nap. Abby, Aly, Answley and I then went to Color Me Mine and I made an awesome “All the Brachiopods” mug. And to finish off the day, Jordan and I watched Tangled. Perfect day, much?!?

Mah Birfday

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