Sometimes I clean when I’m restless.

I can’t decide if I should send out graduation announcements.

Grape is the worst flavor of everything.

I’m nervous for my interview with ARMAN tomorrow.

I hate tweeting on Twitter.

I wish I spent more time practicing the banjo.

Sometimes I have really bad taste in music.

Marie Callender’s Chocolate Satin Pie is the bomb.

I hate it when you wear out the clothes you love the most.

I love Zach.

This weather is not helping my senioritis.

There is nothing better than planning out my week.

My music history lectures just aren’t the same with my professor out of town.

I’m in denial that Parks and Rec is over.

I want The Rocket Summer to release a new album.

I hope my car battery doesn’t die soon.

I wish it was March 19 because then Emily would be in town.

Sundays are the best days.


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