To Do

Sell my old iPhone.
Finish the book I’ve been reading for a month.
Plan my super-fabulous-awesome date with Carson.
Call Aly to talk about her new job, Palo Alto, birthdays, and long-distance dating.
Book my plane ticket to go to Florida in May.
Write and send birthday cards for March.
Look over my February goals and write new March goals.
Call the Utah Tax Commission to get my tax refund.
Clean my car.
Sign up for Treat Wednesday.
Buy donuts for Treat Wednesday.
Stretch and strengthen my ankle every night.
Throw away the old spinach in the fridge.
See Interstellar in the dollar theater.
Buy new blue jeans.
Hot tub on Tuesday with Elisa.
Learn how to cook chocolate sundae pudding.
Catch up on my homework so I don’t have to do any over the weekend.
Post a new Instagram pic.
Listen to the rest of Zach’s music.
Go to bed on time.

To Do

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