Get It Published

I really need to pick up my dry-cleaning. It’s been ready for almost a week.

Carson is the best little brother I could have asked for. He was actually excited to plan a brother-sister date with me.

My job has taken a turn for the worst. And now I can’t decide if I want to quit or not.

The warm weather makes me more upset that my ankle is broken.

My backpacking trip needs to be planned ASAP.

Three years ago I was living in Vienna. Two years ago I was living in Jerusalem.

I wish that Aly still lived in Provo.

My permanent retainer is breaking and I’m afraid my teeth will go crooked.

Should I sell my iPhone 6? I don’t really need it.

There are currently ten books on my desk that I’m attempting to read before the end of the semester.

I’ve never met anybody by the name of Ernst.

Get It Published

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